The Design Coop is meant to be a home for our clients. We desire to build a long term relationship where we can work together at creating a marketable brand and maintaining the integrity of that brand through an ongoing print and web presence. We welcome new clients at any time no matter what stage they are at or what need they may have.


Logo • Color Scheme • Theme
It’s always exciting to start from the ground up with a new company. We love to define a creative identity. This may not just be the case for a new company though, it could be one that never took the time to invest in marketing themselves and they’ve realized that a brand would really help them stand out in a competitive world. Or, maybe an old brand has gone stale and is no longer relevant to their audience. Either way, we can work with you to develop an outstanding identity. This would begin with a logo, color scheme, and recurring theme.


Stationery • Advertisements • Brochures • Layouts • Original Illustration • Trade Shows
A large number of products fit into this broad category. Some of the print services that we deliver are stationery, such as letterhead, envelope and business card design: very important for moving your brand forward professionally. Also, layouts for advertisements, flyers, posters, brochures and presentation folders. We can also provide layouts for magazines or catalogs. We can even create original illustrated artwork for books, magazines or the web. Our design services are unlimited here; you think it and we’ll create it.


Website • Email Marketing • Banner Ads • Icons & Graphics • Infographics SEO Optimization
It’s important to stay current in the web. The trends move fast and if you’re not updating your look and ability here you could be falling behind. We can transition your brand through a new website so you’re identity doesn’t skip a beat. Let us create an original presence with all of the functionality you will need to communicate with your audience. Our web development starts with a great design but if you need something that we may not be confident about, we don’t bluff our way through. We recognize that we can’t do everything, no one can. But that’s OK because we will reach out to one of our great partners that can help us get you where you need to be with your web presence. In addition to web design and creation we can also optimize your site through SEO, create banner ads, email marketing, icons, graphics and more.

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