Just as the chicken has its process in the nest, we too have have a process to bring about great results. And we feel it’s important to get you involved with that process to ensure that you will be fully satisfied with the outcome.


The first thing we do is listen. You have a need and in order for us to create the exact right product for you, we have to find out who you are, what interests you and what you want this project to do for you or your company. Our consultation time is always free because we believe that we must earn your trust. And we know that once you allow us to work together you will be 100% happy with the outcome.


Once we know what needs to be accomplished then it’s time for us to do some research. This process will range from familiarizing ourselves with your market and your target audience to understanding your competition to gathering various materials that we will need to round out the finished product. We are willing to do the necessary legwork so that your product is relevant and effective.


No, this isn’t when we run out for a cappuccino or a game of laser tag. This is when we get to sit down with all of our compiled research and begin to play with the design of your project. This is what makes our job such a pleasure; we get to pour our creative thought into something tangible. We will usually start with paper and pencil in the planning stages and then create various layouts on the computer with purpose and direction as we take-off towards a thoughtful proposition.


At this point we want to bring you back into the process with us. Together we will review the directions we’ve explored and allow you to weigh in on where the results are going. What we create needs to be very personal for you so it’s imperative that you are satisfied with the look and feel and quality. After consulting on the layouts we will then move on to the final stages.


After we have gathered your thoughts we will polish up the chosen direction that we have both decided upon. We will focus on every small aspect of the job and not leave out any detail to ensure a professional and impressive result. What we want most is for you to be so satisfied with your project that we will build a continued working relationship together, far into the future.
Now, how about that game of laser tag?

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